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    [VIP]Anti-C4 Defuse Hack ($5 Paypal USD)

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    [VIP]Anti-C4 Defuse Hack ($5 Paypal USD) Empty [VIP]Anti-C4 Defuse Hack ($5 Paypal USD)

    Post by Xzythe on Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:52 pm

    We are selling Anti-C4 Defuse Hack here at SAHQ, which is indeed the best solution to saves and wins on any demolition/defuse map!

    The current price for the Defuse Hack is $5 USD (by Paypal ONLY)

    If you are interested in purchasing the hack, please add quietsnipe on skype and talk to him to purchase/dicuss.

    I am willing to show the hack in-game for proof!

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